The culture where a man offers his wife to sleep with a visitor

The culture where a man offers his wife to sleep with a visitor

The culture in which a man offers his wife for his visitors’ s*xual pleasure.

Would you be interested in knowing that there is a culture in which you do not have to suppress your s*xual fantasies for your friend’s wife? All you’d have to do is pay a visit to your friend and you’d be having the time of your life living your fantasies. The Himba culture takes hospitality to an entirely new level. But this is respected as a culture with no intensions.

The Himba Culture

The Himba are a nomadic tribe with a population of 50,000 people. They live in Namibia’s northwestern region. The people who live in the Kunene Region and Angola are primarily livestock farmers who use cattle as currency and a measure of wealth. Because of their land’s hot semi-arid climate, both men and women in this tribe are accustomed to wearing traditional attire, which consists of little or no clothing at all. You can see it in the image below.

The Himba are well-known for their use of a substance known as Otjize. It is a paste that they apply to their skin and hair. The paste is typically made of butterfat and ochre pigment, which they apply to their skin to give it a reddish muddy appearance. They believe that the mixture cleanses their skin, especially during times of scarcity, and protects it from insect bites and the sun.

Labor-intensive work is mostly done by women among the Himba, who are responsible for woodwork, fetching water from rivers to the village, and preparing meals for the family. Their men, on the other hand, are in charge of caring for livestock, slaughtering animals, and holding council meetings with the village chiefs.

Attitude Towards Marriage and S*x

The Himba are a polygamous tribe, with their men entitled to as many wives as they want. Despite the fact that child brides are illegal in Namibia, the people of this tribe continue to practice this “tradition,” as girls as young as 10 are usually married off to older men.

It is usually the father’s responsibility to find a suitable husband for his daughter. Women aren’t given many rights because the tribe is patriarchal. As previously stated, when a girl reaches puberty, her father marries her off. She has no right to object to her husband’s wishes as a wife. She is to obey him even if it means going against her will.

The Okujepisa Omuka Zendu Tradition

Many places all over the world. Typically, entertaining guests entails offering your guests a glass of water, wine, or a delicious cooked meal. These people, on the other hand, take hospitality to a whole new level!

The Okujepisa Omuka tradition is practiced by the Himba tribe, as well as other tribes such as the Benue people of Nigeria’s North Central region. A custom in which a man gives his wife to a visitor for sexual entertainment and pleasure. This is thought to show the guest that his visit has been well received. The visitor usually spends the night with the wives, while the husband sleeps in another room.