Made by African women: Beautiful handmade baskets used for food storage & winnowing grain

Made by African women: Beautiful handmade baskets used for food storage & winnowing grain

African handmade baskets for food storage, some different types of these baskets are traditionally used for winnowing grain.

They come in a variety of types, sizes, and colors. African women use natural material found on the ground or from a plant or tree to make the baskets.

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This art does not only remains an important part of modern community life, but has grown into an extremely expressive form of modern art in some countries.

African basketry is a dynamic art influenced by social and economic shifts. It’s a creative art.

These days, while basket-making techniques are still being considered, materials have substantially changed from natural materials to include man-made products such as plastic, wire and recycled products.

Traditionally, baskets have been used for agricultural techniques such as harvesting and sifting, extracting and carrying crops, as well as sale of products.

Family home use included the storage and serving of food and beverages and the filtering of beer during the production process. Spices and tobacco were stored in containers in the basket.

Less secular uses for traditional basket containers include money banks, jewelry boxes and divine vessels. Normally they have lids, and they can be quite complex in design, reflecting their significance. They are often decorated or decorated with padded lids, footed bowls and sometimes reinforced with leather or bark to ensure longevity of use.

Rice stacks can be part of a bride’s dowry in places like Guinea and Liberia. Woven basket fiber products include sleeping and eating mats and fish traps, handbags and baskets.