King Amenemhat III [1860–1814 B.C] Ancient Kemet (Blacks)

King Amenemhat III [1860–1814 B.C] Ancient Kemet (Blacks)

King Amenemhat III is considered one of the most important pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom and the 12th Dynasty. He was a resolute director, a wise politician, and a great builder.

His reign was depicted as the golden period of the Middle Kingdom and the era of peace, stability and reconstruction after the wars fought by his father, King Senusert III, who may have shared with him in the rule of Kemet for 20 years.

The many wars of his great father, King Senusert III, gave this new pharaoh time to devote himself to building and construction. He carried out many military activities during his long reign. It is mentioned that he carried out a small military campaign in the ninth year of his rule.

Head of King Amenemhat III

Evidence of this military campaign came from a rock inscription near the famous Samna Castle built in Nubia.

One of the king’s commanders led this military campaign. The commander stated that he had returned safely to the north with a small military division, and that none of them had died when they went on their mission to the south. He is also known for his many mining missions throughout Kemet and his search to obtain amethyst, or purple stone.

Amenemhat III occupied a prominent position in the eyes of his contemporaries, and his biography remained a source of pride for the people of Kemet. All the following generations of Kemet raised him to the ranks of deities as they did with his father before.

The great King Amenemhat III was a powerful model that demonstrated how political stability based on stable military strength enables a prominent leader to build a homeland and spread peace as well as fostering development, prosperity, and prosperity.

Middle Kingdom
12th Dynasty
ca. 1860–1814 B.C.
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