Sankore University in Timbuktu, Mali. Is one of the world’s oldest universities & center of today’s education

Sankore University in Timbuktu, Mali. Is one of the world’s oldest universities & center of today’s education

With relation to the world history, the connection to one of the richest kings that has ever lived is a product of Mali’s wealth. King Mansa Musa from Mali is the richest man who ever lived. Mali has one of the world’s oldest known universities.

Its literary impact was so wide which included many academic studies documenting African and Southern European history, mathematics, law, religion, and medicine.

Manuscripts were also written that account for the daily movement of the stars, and also for daily illnesses like malaria and menstrual pain cures.

The common argument that Africa had no education and that white European settlers entered to civilize Africa was weak after the facts had been revealed.

It is in fact vivid, that the world has provided much of the education and learning we have today from the main learning institutions in Africa.

Students from all around the world were taught in Timbuktu and got an education of which about 700,000 old manuscripts were put in the university and they fully embraced almost every part of knowledge world has ever known. The speaker stated in a documentary about the University that the manuscripts were sent for study to France.

This was then revealed that in the university in two years, the mathematics of the manuscript was studied. That is what was taught earlier in the 16th century, in Sankore.

Their astronomers had not used the usual European leap into a solar system based on the sun. They then start to grow well ahead in mathematics of calendar writing allowing decisive strides in trigonometry. Six hundred years ago the writings were very informative on astronomical phenomena.

Scholars are currently uncertain about what these early scientists learned about chemistry, medicine, botany and climatology in an attempt to transcribe this storehouse of literary knowledge.

A third of young British in a recent survey thought Timbuktu was not really a real place, let alone a large old learning center. The spot was both phenomenal and mystical.

Now history reveals to the world to know that Africa was/is everything. Those who describe Africa in a primitive and negative light are envious, notwithstanding, covetous and detestable.