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9 July , 2011:
After two decades of civil war, the South-Sudanese vote for Independence. The Referendum passes by 95%

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Africa, is the second-largest of the Earth's seven continents-covering about 30,330,000 sq km (11,699,000 sq mi), which makes up about 22 per cent of the world's total land area.


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ill titleWelcome !

To Africa, where hominoids first set foot on the sun-baked ground, Pharaohs built monuments to defy time, cultures merged and diverged, religions united and divided, empires rose and fell, trade changed entire civilizations, and fantastical beasts live and prey upon man.

ill_1Africa is a place of magesty, though it is rooted in bloodshed. No other continent can boast such incredible history or such amazing accomplishments by man. And yet, at the core of what Africa is, it is tribal and ecclectic, a harsh land where simple people have defied the elements of nature and risen to great heights.

Within these pages lays a colorful history. Please join us in discovering not just a continent and its people, but an unforgettable culture.